Naturality and Made in France

At Argandia, we believe in transparency and impeccable composition, a healthy formula is often more effective, we handpick the ingredients of our products to share only the best.

All of our products are made with a minimum of 98% of natural ingredients. We wish to guarantee the quality and safety of our products through a naturally chart

Our primary objective is that all our raw materials of natural origin are sustainable and their production, ethical and social. We are committed to the absence of GMOs in all our formulas. For our organic raw materials, in addition to our Cosmébio certification, sourcing is done according to the Fair For Life certification, ensuring ethical, social and environmental values when possible and with equivalent quality.

We are also committed to the protection of plant and animal species.

In accordance with regulations, we exclude animal testing. Argandia also wishes to be a driving force in the survival of endangered species.

Argandia is also committed to avoiding over-packaging and secondary packaging : eliminating plastic that is 99% non-recyclable because we want to control the life cycle of our products and reduce their impact on the environment.

We are committed to promoting short circuits, in compliance with this charter and its ethics, we want to control an eco-responsible sourcing. For that, we privilege the short circuit through the direct-producer trade, or a privileging a number of very restricted intermediaries.

Made in France

Concerned about our commitments, it was essential for us to offer only products made in France.

Our teams and our workshops are located in the heart of Provence, in the village of Sablet.

It is here that we draw our inspiration, imagine, develop and manufacture our products.

Because it is important for us to be inspired by nature and its simplicity, La Provence, this unique place both warm and characterful, cradles us every day in our activities and allows us to blossom in order to offer you the simplest and most qualified products possible, making Argandia a unique brand full of meaning.