Identity Card of Argan Oil

  • Botanical name: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
  • Producer tree: Argan Tree
  • Part of the plant extracted: Almond (Argan nut)
  • Origin: Morocco

Organoleptic properties

  • Appearance: Oily
  • Color: Yellow gold
  • Touch: Smooth, quickly penetrates

Argan Oil composition

  • 36% of linoleic acid (Omega 6 essential polyunsatured fatty acid)
  • 44% of oleic acid (Omega 9 monounsaturated fatty acid)
  • 62mg/100g of Vitamin E

Properties of Argan Oil

A smooth texture, Argan Oil contains more than 80% of unsaturated fatty acids, essential to the proper epidermis functioning.
Omega-6, limits skin water loss.
Omega-9, strengthen the skin’s elasticity.
Vitamin E, helps to fight against cell ageing.
Antioxidant and regenerating, it nourishes, protects and restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Argandia Quality

To guarantee optimal preservation of its properties, our Argan Oil is:

  • Cold extracted
  • Unrefined
  • Non deodorized
  • Unperfumed

An oil 100% pure, 100% organic, 100% fair.


It takes 33 kilos of fruit to extract 1 liter of Argan oil.