The Brand

From the beginning

It is during a trip to Morocco in 2002 that everything started.

Known, used and grown by all the Moroccan women, Argan Oil comes from the fines of the Argan tree, endemic tree of Morocco.

Beautiful, human and natural, Argandia saw the light after this meeting with the berber women.

The name of the brand was created by adding the word « Argan » with the word « Dia » that comes from Arab meaning « friendly, welcoming », Argandia is now one word that perfectly sums up a philosophy and values that are today, more than ever protected daily by our brand : The human, the respect of all, the equity within our exchanges and the preservation of the Arganeraies (Argan tree) and the Nature in general.

Family company, Argandia is the story of passionated men and women that are allied in order to defend the same passions : To create, develop and most importantly share the affection that they have for the nobles materials that they are working with.

Very concerned by fair trade and proud to be able to defend these values through their products: Argandia is a family business and passion.

Argandia, a unique brand

Argandia redefines the simple gestures of an essential beauty in harmony with the profound nature of women and the world.

Beauty is inseparable from well-being and its most virtuous sources are necessarily found in nature.


Today, Argandia reinvents the rituals of natural, simple and essential beauty.

Each ritual is driven by the virtues of natural oils that combine the virtue of specific properties with the sensuality of pleasure.


Each product is a gesture that responds to the daily and universal promises of moisturizing and permanent replenishment of the skin and to an aspiration for pleasure through soft textures and gentle fragrances for the face and body.

Because for today’s women, beauty must be simple, fresh as the morning dew, bright as the birth of the day.

  • Day Ritual, bringing freshness and light to the face
  • Night Ritual, for a plumped and nourished skin as soon as you wake up
  • Detox Ritual, a deeply cleansed skin, free of all its impurities
  • Cocoon Ritual, a moment of comfort, softness and relaxation


Argandia belongs to Agapé group.

Agapé is an SME built around five brands that invite you to discover the sweetness and light of fragrances, scents, natural cosmetics and flavors inspired by Provence and elsewhere.

The products are conceived and elaborated from natural raw materials in its factory of Sablet in the heart of Vaucluse.

Agapé is a French company of about sixty employees, committed to the love and respect of men, women and the nature that surrounds them.

Agapé is the Greek word for a form of pure love dictated by respect for others and generosity.

Among the five brands you can find :

  • Plantes & Parfums, a new brand of natural scents, perfumes and cosmetics, focused on the light and softness of fragrances to create real natural emotions.
  • Finessence, a premium brand of essential oils offering an aromatherapy of excellence from grands crus.
  • L’Olive Bleue, a gourmet and friendly delicatessen brand, sharing the flavors and colors of the Mediterranean.
  • Villa Flora, a brand of precious, timeless perfumes made from the finest ingredients of the Mediterranean basin.