Our Commitments

Certified organic by Ecocert, Argandia’s products are also certified E.S.R. (Socially Responsible Fair Trade) according to the Ecocert specifications too.
Argandia has set up two different fair trade chains : one for Argan oil and another one for Prickly Pear oil.

Every year Argandia undertakes to pay the equivalent of 1% of the volumes imported to a local association. This development fund has been financing different social and/or environmental projects. Considered as the Berbers’ gold, argan oil possesses a making secret and a traditional know-how, that need to be protected, preserved and taught to future generation. A battle Argandia has willingly taken on because of its firm commitment to fair trade.

The development of the prickly pear tree, besides its traditional food use, slows down the rural exodus by creating jobs in these very poor desert regions and contributes to the social and economic development of the people, who live in these very arid areas of southern Morocco.

Argandia is involved in a supportive economy in Morocco, not only financially, but also through the presence of our teams on the field, who regularly visit the women in their remote villages.
Setting higher standards than the certification labels, Argandia guarantees the impeccable quality of its oils at each stage of production.