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An innovative texture for a very smooth, comfortable shave. This oily gel easily adheres to the beard, for a quick, easy shave. Enriched with organic fair trade argan oil, it soothes the skin and prevents rashes and irritation due to shaving.

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This after-shave balm instantly brings comfort and softness, with no oily effect. Its formula enriched with moisturizing active ingredients derived from aloe vera and shea butter, combined with organic fair trade argan oil, it soothes irritations caused by shaving and revives your skin. Your skin feels soft and comfortable.

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This genuine anti-aging fluid rich in organic fair trade arganoil, which restores firmness and tone to the facial skin. A true anti-aging treatment, its unique formula combines an activeanti-wrinkle ingredients derived from hibiscus seeds, shea butter and aloe vera for an optimally hydrated, rejuvenated and comfort skin. It fills in and smoothes out...